Wompi - Nequi

This page presents all information related to the Wompi connection using the Nequi as payment. Use the following buttons to navigate to the desired section.

Connecting with Yuno

Mandatory fields when integrating via Yuno:


General Information





Minimum amount:


Maximum amount:

$9.280.000, 8 minimum wages in Colombia. If it is an account without limits (traditional) there is not a maximum amount.

TRX Limit:

150 transactions per second.

Purchase TRX:

Allows your customers to pay with Nequi using their cellphone to complete the payment.

Support for recurrency:



Tokenization only available on API integration.




Refund Support:



Void support:



Notifications of chargebacks:


Testing guidelines for sandbox environment

Necessary fields for testing:

Public key, private key and Eventos.
To create an approved or declined transaction in Sandbox mode you only need use the following numbers:
- 3991111111 for an approved transaction (APPROVED)
- 3992222222 for a declined transaction (DECLINED)
Take into account that any other number which you use will result in a transaction with a final state of ERROR.

Testing steps

Nequi works as an enrolled payment method, meaning you'll need to enroll it before making a payment. The payment gets automatically approved, but you can test different scenarios for enrollment.

In order to make a payment using Nequi, you should complete the following steps:

  1. Create Customer
    To perform approved or rejected ENROLLMENTS in Nequi's Sandbox environment, you have to assign the following phone numbers to the customer:
    • 3991111111 to automatically enroll and generate an approved transaction (APPROVED)
    • 3992222222 to generate a declined transaction (DECLINED)



Keep in mind that any other number you use will result in a transaction with a final status of ERROR.

  1. Create Customer Session
  2. Retrieve Payment Methods Available (Optional)
  3. Enroll Payment Method. The Enroll Payment Method response will provide the status READY_TO_ENROLL.
  4. Retrieve Payment Method by Customer Session. As explained in step 1, the response will automatically provide the status ENROLLED if the 3991111111 phone number was used.
  5. Create Checkout Session
  6. Retrieve Payment Methods for Checkout. The response will provide a list of payment methods available. You should find the Nequi object, which will contain the vaulted_token to be used to create the payment.
  7. Create Payment using the vaulted_token

Integration configuration

Credentials and steps to obtain them:

  1. Log in to Wompi dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Developers.
  3. Get your API keys (public key and private key) and Secrets (Eventos and Integridad) for technical integration.
There are a pair of keys for each execution environment one for Sandbox and another for Production, the keys shown correspond to the activated environment:
- For Sandbox the keys have a prefix pub_test_ and prv_test_
- For Production the keys have a prefix pub_prod_ and prv_prod_

Dashboard configuration:

  1. Log in to dashboard.y.uno.
  2. Click Connections and then select Wompi.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Introduce Name, Public Key, Private Key, Eventos and the company's NIT
  5. Click Connect

Configuration of webhooks in partner:

Via dashboard:
  1. Log in to Wompi dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Developers.
  3. Set up your Event URL.

Production environment

Specific procedure for a merchant to go live: