Complete Flow To Keep Yuno Loader

If you want to keep Yuno loading screen, you have to send in YunoConfig parameter in Yuno.initialize() function the parameter keepLoader in TRUE and also when you decide to start the payment you have to use the following function:

    paymentSelected: PaymentSelected? = null,
    showPaymentStatus: Boolean = true,
    createPaymentFun: (suspend (ott: String) -> Unit)? = null,
    callbackPaymentState: ((String?) -> Unit)? = null,
    callbackOTT: ((String?) -> Unit)? = null,

The "createPaymentFun" parameter is a suspend function where Yuno wait until you create the payment back to back, once the payment its created you complete the suspend function and Yuno will continue with the payment, if you decide to use this flow you don't need to call continuePayment() anymore.