Refund Payments

The payment refund process is the procedure by which you will reimburse a customer for a previous payment. In this guide, you will find instructions on refunding a previously created payment on Yuno.


To refund a payment, you need to:

  • Access your API credentials on the Yuno Dashboard, which consist of:
    • public-api-key
    • private-secrete-key
  • Have the payment identification data received after creating the payment using the Create Payment endpoint and the capture data the capture operation was executed using the Capture Payment:
    • id: The unique identifier of the payment, obtained from the parameter id after creating the payment.
    • transaction_id: The unique identifier of the transaction. You will use a different source for this information, depending on how you captured the payment.
      • If you created and captured the payment using only one operation, you obtain the transaction_id from the parameter after creating the payment with the Create Payment endpoint.
      • If you performed the authorization and then the payment capture, you will use the transaction_id from the parameter id received after capturing the payment using the Capture Payment endpoint.

Explore Yuno Postman Collections

Yuno provides Postman Collections that you can use to replicate the use cases locally.

Refund a Payment

If you initiate a refund, it will reimburse a charge created earlier but not yet refunded. The amount will be credited back to the original payment method that was charged.

Use the Refund Payment endpoint to perform the refund. To identify the payment to be refunded, you need to provide its id and the transaction_id. In addition, you need to inform the amount to be refunded using the object amount on the body request:

  • Complete refund: Leave the amount empty.
  • Partial refund: Provide the refund value using the parameter amount.

To confirm you have successfully refunded the payment, check if the parameters from the Refund Payment endpoint response contain the following values:

  • status = REFUNDED
  • sub_status = REFUNDED
  • transaction.type = REFUND
  • transaction.status = SUCCEEDED

If the response contains the above values, the refund was successful.

How long it takes to process the refund?

Refunds processing time varies depending on the payment type. While in test mode, refunds are processed instantly in the Sandbox environment.

Check the payment status

If, for some reason, you need to confirm the payment refund: