3DS Setup SDK

To enable 3DS in your payment flow, you first need to request a setup id (three_d_secure_setup_id). For each payment, you need to generate a new three_d_secure_setup_id. To receive the three_d_secure_setup_id you will use setup service endpoint.

Step 1: Add Yuno SDK

With the three_d_secure_setup_id in hand, you need to include the Yuno SDK file in your webpage before closing the <head> tag. See the example below:

<script src="https://sdk-web.y.uno/v1/static/js/main.min.js"></script>

Step 2: Start the data collection

To initiate the data collection necessary for the 3DS payment flow, you will use the Yuno.threeDSecure.setup() function. To initiate the setup() function, you will use the three_d_secure_setup_id obtained in the previous step. The following table lists all the required parameters when initializing the 3DS with the Yuno SDK and their descriptions.

setupIdRefers to the three_d_secure_setup_id.
publicApiKeyRefers to your Yuno's public-api-key. This information is on the Yuno's Dashboard.
accountIdRefers to your Yuno's account-id. This information is on the Yuno's Dashboard.

The next code block presents an example of initialization.

      publicApiKey: '',
      setupId: '',
      accountId: ''
    }).then(({status}) => {

After executing the setup() service, the Yuno system will receive the necessary device information. Thus, you can continue with the payment. Remember always to use thethree_d_secure_setup_id to identify the device where the payment is being made.