Teams and Roles

The Teams and Roles Management section within the dashboard unlocks the power of collaborative synergy, enabling you to assemble teams, define roles, and allocate permissions with precision. Yuno's Teams and Roles Management epitomizes the essence of collaborative prowess. By constructing teams, refining roles, and optimizing permissions, you cultivate a dynamic environment primed for seamless teamwork and fortified security.

This guide will navigate you through the intricacies of crafting effective teams, delineating roles, and harnessing the inherent flexibility to enhance your operational efficiency.

Harnessing the power of teams

  • Building Dynamic Teams: Yuno empowers you to curate teams with utmost flexibility. These teams can comprise of diverse accounts, offering a holistic approach to collaboration. Notably, a user can participate in multiple account teams, each with distinct roles.
  • Cross-Account Participation: The essence of Yuno's Teams Management lies in its cross-account functionality. Users can seamlessly contribute to teams across different accounts, fostering a unified collaborative ecosystem.
  • Customizable Roles: Each team member's role is pivotal in defining their scope of influence. Yuno provides a collection of default roles, each delineating specific permissions. This ensures that team members are equipped with the right tools to fulfill their responsibilities.

Constructing your team

Crafting teams is intuitive within Yuno. Follow the on-screen instructions, and send invitations to relevant accounts. Your ability to extend invitations depends on your permissions within the respective accounts. With the requisite permissions, you can effortlessly manage your team. Modify a team member's permissions or revoke their membership to a specific account, ensuring alignment with your evolving objectives.

Team for each account

Please, take into consideration that you will have to create a team for each account you have created.

The dynamics of roles

The division of roles and permissions bolsters the security of your operations. Each team member operates within a defined scope, minimizing the risk of inadvertent breaches. By harnessing Yuno's Teams and Roles Management, your teams are poised to excel. Roles empower individuals with the authority to fulfill their tasks while ensuring a streamlined workflow.

There are two types of roles in Yuno:

  • Default Roles: Yuno offers a set of predefined roles, each encapsulating a distinct array of permissions. These default roles serve as a foundation for streamlined team functioning.
  • Custom Role Creation: Yuno's prowess extends to crafting custom roles. Tailor permissions to suit your precise requirements, allowing your teams to function optimally while adhering to the principle of least privilege.

There are 5 types of default roles:

AdminAn Admin user has access to all features in the dashboard.
AgentAn Agent user can view and take actions on payments.
DeveloperA Developer user can view and take actions on integrations and webhooks.
Read onlyA Read-only user can view all features in the dashboard.
CustodianAssign this role when you invite Yuno team experts to join your team.