Developers (Credentials)

In the Developers section, you will find your authentication credentials to integrate Yuno. Authentication lies at the heart of every interaction within the Yuno ecosystem. By understanding the structure, distinguishing between Test Mode and Live Mode credentials, and upholding their security, you ensure the smooth and secure flow of operations.

To ensure the utmost security and integrity of your operations, this guide will explain the functionality of authentication credentials and their allocation and offer insights into their significance.

For additional insights and queries, consult our comprehensive documentation or contact our dedicated support team. Your journey with Yuno is fortified by our commitment to security and excellence.

Credential structure

Yuno employs a hierarchical structure of authentication credentials comprising two tiers: Organization Credentials and Account Credentials.

  • Organization Credentials: When you register with Yuno, your organization is assigned a set of unique credentials. These credentials serve as the gateway to your overarching operations and grant access to all accounts associated with your organization.
  • Account Credentials: Each account within your organization has a distinct set of authentication credentials. These credentials govern access to individual accounts and operate independently between Test Mode and Live Mode.

Accessing your credentials

You can access your authentication credentials in two ways:

  • Account Management Section: Within the Yuno dashboard's Account Management section, you will find both your organization and account credentials. This centralized location streamlines the management and retrieval process.
  • Developers Section: You can also access your authentication credentials from the Developers Section. This area is particularly valuable for integrating Yuno functionalities into your applications or systems.

Safeguarding your credentials

The security of your authentication credentials is paramount. Therefore, treat your credentials as confidential information and safeguard them diligently to prevent unauthorized access.

Immediate Action

If you suspect or detect any exposure of your credentials, please reach out to our support team promptly. Rapid response ensures the integrity of your operations.