Yuno Payouts is an API solution designed to streamline the process of sending secure payouts to various beneficiaries, such as users, merchants, providers, and customers. By integrating our Payouts service, you can efficiently distribute funds to multiple recipients while ensuring their security.

With our flexible API, you can create one or multiple payout requests without restrictions on the number of records. Our service allows you to make payments to any bank in the processing country, leveraging regional capabilities.

Benefits of using Yuno Payouts

  • Centralization: The Payout service saves you time and costs by centralizing all your payment operations in one place. You no longer need to manage payments across multiple systems or interfaces.
  • Control: Our Payouts feature makes managing your account funds and the balance easier. You can cancel payment orders before they are sent to the bank, giving you more control over your financial transactions.
  • Information: Stay informed about payment statuses with our customizable notifications. You can receive real-time updates on any changes in the payment order status tailored to your preferences.
  • Localization: By depositing funds directly into your partners' local bank accounts, you can pay them in their preferred currency, eliminating the need for foreign currency conversions and saving them from extra fees and taxes.

Payout Flow

  1. You need to have a Yuno account and have integration with the Yuno API.
  2. Using the Create Payout endpoint, you can create a payment operation to transfer funds to one or more beneficiaries.
  3. Yuno will send the payout request to the provider, which will analyze the available fund to authorize the payment.
  4. (Optional) If you choose to hold the payment, you will need to use the Release Payout endpoint to complete the payout process.

You can access the Payout page on the API Reference for a more in-depth description of the Payout workflow. On this page, you will find a graphical workflow presentation and further explanation of the Payout states process.

Note that activating the Yuno Payouts service requires a security and risk analysis. To learn more about this service or request its activation, contact Yuno support.

Simplify your payment processes, enhance partner satisfaction, and take control of your payout operations with Yuno Payouts.