Yuno offers a powerful dual environment feature - Test Mode and Live Mode. Test Mode, also known as the Sandbox environment, is designed for testing and experimentation. Live Mode, on the other hand, represents the production environment where your customers will engage with your offerings.

Transitioning to Live Mode within Yuno's dual environment structure empowers your business to thrive in both testing and real-world scenarios. Seamlessly switch between Test Mode and Live Mode using a single set of credentials, all while ensuring the highest level of security and functionality.

This guide will walk you through the process of transitioning from Test Mode to Live Mode, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for your business and customers.

Test Mode vs Live Mode

Yuno has two working environments:

  • Test Mode (Sandbox): Upon registration, your organization is assigned an "Inactive" status. This status provides access exclusively to Test Mode. It allows you to explore the dashboard's features, learn about its functionalities, and experiment without affecting your live operations.
  • Live Mode (Production Environment): To access Live Mode, where real customer interactions occur, you need to initiate a request for activation. Live Mode represents the true production environment where your customers will interact with your business. This environment ensures the utmost security and performance for your operations.

Transitioning to Live Mode

  1. Requesting Activation: To access Live Mode, submit a request for activation. This request triggers the transition process, and your organization's status will change from "Inactive" to "Under Verification."
  2. Verification Process: Yuno's verification process typically takes only a few hours. During this time, we review the provided information and ensure its accuracy. If any additional information is required, our team will promptly reach out to you.
  3. Access Granted: Once the verification is complete and Live Mode access is granted, you will enjoy the benefits of both Test and Live Modes within your dashboard account.

Seamlessly Switching Environments

One of the remarkable features of Yuno's dual environment system is the seamless switching between Test Mode and Live Mode:

  • One single username and password: You do not need to manage separate usernames or passwords for each environment. With just one set of credentials, you can effortlessly move between Test Mode and Live Mode.
  • Efficient Navigation: Within the same session, a single click allows you to switch from one environment to the other, ensuring smooth navigation and ease of access.

Expanding Capabilities with Accounts Management

It is important to note that each account created within your organization enjoys its own separate test environment. For detailed insights into managing accounts and maximizing their potential within Yuno's ecosystem, refer to our comprehensive Accounts Management guide.