Audit logs

The Audit Logs functionality provides transparency, security, and regulatory compliance by logging and tracking all team members' activities within the dashboard. Using the Audit Logs, you can stay informed about the actions happening inside your organization.

Yuno Audit Logs was designed to streamline the management, providing several features:

  • Comprehensive activity logging: It records every action taken within the dashboard, including details such as who performed the action, when it occurred, and what changes were made. This level of detail ensures transparency and accountability in all operations.
  • Detailed viewing: Authorized users have access to a detailed log of all activities, allowing them to track the history of changes and actions taken within the platform. This option lets you better understand past actions and identify potential issues.
  • User tracking: Audit Logs enable clear identification of the individuals who performed each action, facilitating accountability and permission management within the system. This feature enhances security by ensuring that all actions are attributable to specific users.
  • Easy searchability: Users can quickly locate particular activities using custom filters such as dates, team members, event types, and dashboard sections, making it easier and faster to retrieve relevant information.

As a result, the Audit Logs feature plays a crucial role in maintaining security and compliance standards within the platform. By recording and tracking all actions, Audit Logs provide an additional layer of control, protecting your operations and helping you identify the root cause of problems after members execute changes.