Configure Yuno as provider

To offer more payment methods to your clients using Yuno as the provider, you need to follow the steps below to connect your VTEX account to Yuno and configure the payment methods you want to offer.

  1. Log into your VTEX store account.

  2. In the VTEX Admin dashboard, navigate to Store Settings > Providers and click New Provider.

  1. Search for Yuno on the dialog and select the Yuno option on the results.

  1. Fill out the form with the required information. Following, you will find a description for each field you need to fill:
App keyVTEX application keys. For additional information on accessing it, see Generating internal application keys.
App TokenVTEX application token, which you find when Generating internal application keys.
NameConnection name. You can use Yuno.
Enable Test ModeIt enables you to decide whether to use the Production or Sandbox environments. While you are testing, Yuno recommends you enable test mode.
Automatic SettlementSelect the option Use behavior recommended by payment processor.
Affiliation NameThis name should be equal to the previously provided for connection Name.
Account_IDThe Yuno account_id. You can find this information in the Yuno dashboard. For additional information, see Developers (Credentials).
Public API KeyThe Yuno public-api-key. You can find this information in the Yuno dashboard. For additional information, see Developers (Credentials).
Private Secret KeyThe Yuno private-secret-key. You can find this information in the Yuno dashboard. For additional information, see Developers (Credentials).

Enable Test Mode

VTEX recommends you to not enable the test mode in production evironments, since the test payment options will be available to customers in your store.

  1. After filling in all fields, click Save.
  2. Navigate to Store Settings > Settings and click the + button (green button at the top right corner) to add a new payment option.

  1. Select the payment method you want to provide for your customer. You need to configure the provider for each card brand you want to make available for your customer.

  1. After you select the payment method, a new dialog is displayed where you need to configure the payment provider:
    1. At the Process with provider, select Yuno.
    2. Add special conditions if necessary. For additional information regarding configuring the special conditions, access Configuring payment special conditions. For further information on configuring payment conditions considering installments with or without interest, check the VTEX page.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Change the Status to Active.

Add several payment methods

If you want to add more than one payment method to offer to your clients, Visa and Mastercard for example, you need to repeat steps 7 and 8 two times, one for Visa and the other for Mastercard.

After completing the steps above, your clients can access a new payment method at checkout. If you configure Visa, for example, when your customers arrive at the checkout phase and select credit card as the payment method, the Yuno checkout will gather all the information required for fraud screening and 3DS services in the background while using the VTEX credit card form.