Payment methods

Yuno offers numerous connections with various processors and payment methods, and this collection is consistently expanding monthly. Please refer to the Payment methods section for more detailed information about which payment methods are available in Yuno and their capabilities. In addition, you can use the Coverage page to check which connections are available in each country.

What is a Payment Method?

To understand the payment process better, it's essential to differentiate between payment methods and processors.

  • Payment Method: Payment methods acquire customer information and forward it to the processor for payment processing. Although credit/debit cards are commonly used, there are other alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PSE, Webpay, Mercado Pago, PIX, etc.
  • Processors: Processors act as intermediaries between the merchant's and customer's banks, managing refunds and cancellations and facilitating payment processing. They handle the actual processing of the information obtained by the payment method.

Differences between payment methods

Payment methods may differ significantly regarding their processing. In addition, some may support enrollment, while others don't. Thus payment methods can be divided regarding the enrolment characteristics and user interaction.

User interaction

When it comes to payment methods, the workflow can vary depending on the capabilities of each processor and the actions required by the customer to complete the payment. There are two main types, synchronous and asynchronous.

  • Synchronous: Synchronous payment methods provide an instant final result once the customer clicks Pay and the payment is created by the merchant in the background. In these cases, you do not need webhooks to know the outcome, as it will be given in the payment response.
  • Asynchronous: Asynchronous payment methods, on the other hand, require an additional step by the customer to finalize the payment. These payments will have an intermediate status PENDING until the customer completes the payment or the processor notifies Yuno of the final outcome. To stay up to date on these statuses, it is important to configure Webhooks in your Yuno account for instant updates.


In Yuno, "enrollment" refers to the process of storing a customer's payment method information for future purchases. This allows for seamless transactions initiated either by the customer or the merchant without requiring any additional input from the customer.

  • Available: Yuno offers various payment methods for enrollment. The most popular one is Credit/Debit Cards, but we also offer alternative payment methods, mainly wallets, which allow customers to provide their account information for future payments.
  • Not available: Payment methods that cannot be enrolled. These are typically alternative methods that rely on bank transfers or cash payments, which may require the customer to take action for each payment.