With Insights solution, on the Yuno dashboard's solution, you get a unified view of all your payment performance. Insights is a strategic tool that empowers merchants with actionable knowledge for enhanced decision-making. In addition, our platform is easy to use and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Comprehensive payment overview:

You can have a comprehensive view of your payment landscape, usage patterns, and emerging trends through our insightful analytics. Access all your payment data seamlessly on a single interface. This consolidated platform showcases payment volume, transaction types, payment methods, and customer demographics, giving you a deep understanding of your payments ecosystem.

Using historical data, you can monitor payment performance trends over time, identifying strengths and pinpoint areas for optimization to refine your payment strategies.

Informed decision-making

The available data on insights are divided into two core facets. The volume is aligned with business metrics, and performance addresses operational efficiency. As a result, you can extract valuable data, including:

  • Overall conversion rates or segmented by payment methods/providers, aiding visualization of top performers.
  • Detailed insights into declined transactions, uncovering reasons for non-conversion.
  • Volume checks for a clear grasp of transaction trends.

Empower your choices by utilizing insights to determine optimal payment methods and providers for your business. Rapidly identify anomalies and deviations from established patterns using existing data.