Account Management

The Account Management section within the dashboard empowers users with the ability to create, edit, and conveniently organize organizational accounts. It equips you with the agility to manage access, streamline business operations, and uphold security. By creating, customizing, and navigating through multiple accounts, you gain control over your dashboard administration while fostering a seamless and secure environment.

This guide offers a comprehensive overview of how Yuno's account management system operates, showcasing the advantages and functionalities it brings to streamline your business operations.

Yuno Dashboard's account hierarchy

Upon your initial registration with Yuno, you establish your business organization. Each organization is accompanied by a default account. However, Yuno allows you to create multiple accounts tailored to your organization's needs.

Advantages of creating multiple accounts

  • Granular Access Management: The creation of multiple accounts permits the fine-tuning of access permissions. Each account can represent countries, franchises, business units, or any segmentation you require. This enhances the security and management of your dashboard administration.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: Each account is equipped with its own distinct team, ensuring that information and administration remain secure and isolated within the boundaries of each account.
  • Diverse User Roles: Users can access and engage with multiple accounts, even holding different roles within each. Refer to our dedicated Team and Role Management guide for a deeper understanding of role allocation and management.

Streamlining Your Experience

  • Bookmarking Favorites: Users can mark specific accounts as favorites. This convenient feature ensures that, among multiple accounts, a preferred account is pre-selected by default. This optimized experience enhances navigation and accessibility.
  • Seamless Switching: The dashboard's flexibility shines through as users can effortlessly switch between different accounts. This is achieved with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for separate credentials.

Credentials and Account Security

It is crucial to note the following aspects related to credentials and account security:

  • Organization Credentials: The same set of organization credentials remains consistent across all accounts.
  • Account Authentication Credentials: Each account possesses its own authentication credentials. Additionally, account authentication credentials differ between test and live modes. For an in-depth exploration, delve into our Authentication Credentials guide.