Yuno and VTEX have joined forces to simplify payment processes for merchants worldwide. This partnership aims to streamline the payment experience and provide merchants with various payment methods catering to their customer's preferences.

By integrating Yuno's payment orchestration platform with VTEX's e-commerce solution, merchants can easily manage payments and offer diverse payment options. Yuno ensures customers can choose their preferred payment method from local cards to digital wallets. Yuno's plugin allows your store to accept payments seamlessly without redirecting customers to external pages, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing the conversion rate.

Yuno's plugin for VTEX is PCI compliant, ensuring that Yuno meets rigorous security standards when handling card data. Merchants can have peace of mind knowing that their customers' payment information is handled with utmost security and privacy.

The seamless integration between Yuno and VTEX makes it easy for merchants to incorporate Yuno's payment orchestration system into their existing setup. This enables them to focus on delivering exceptional products and services while providing a smooth payment experience for their customers.

Payment methods available

Yuno offers several payment methods to meet your needs. The Yuno plugin on VTEX currently supports card payments, covering credit and debit cards. Our team is actively collaborating with VTEX to ensure that all Yuno connections are made available to you as soon as possible. We are committed to expanding the available payment options to enhance your experience.

Plugin integration

To start using the Yuno plugin on your VTEX store, you will need two essential elements:

  1. A VTEX store.
    You will use the Application Key and the Application Token from your store account. Check the VTEX Application Keys tutorials to understand how to set and access this information.
    1. Application Key: a private key generated when the Yuno account became productive.
    2. Application Token: a productive public key generated when the Conekta account became productive.
  2. A Yuno account.
    If you don't have a Yuno account, sign up at the Yuno Merchant Dashboard. You will use your Account ID, Public API Key, and Private API Key from your Yuno account. Access the Developers tab on the Yuno dashboard to access your credentials.

Once you have this information, you can register the Yuno plugin affiliation. Follow the steps outlined in the Configure Yuno as Provider page. After completing the configuration processes, you'll enable your clients on VTEX to access the Yuno checkout to make payments on their orders.