Risk Conditions

Yuno's Risk Conditions is a module designed to empower merchants with comprehensive fraud prevention capabilities. The Risk Conditions module enables merchants to create and manage user lists and custom rules tailored to their business model. The module provides flexibility and efficiency to merchants, who can customize lists and rules to suit their requirements.

Using the Risk Conditions module, merchants reduce unnecessary requests to fraud prevention providers, optimizing resources and enhancing operational efficiency.

Currently, the Risk Conditions provides two main features:

  • Blocklists
  • Rules


Blocklists allow you to safeguard against fraudulent activities by creating a list of users whose payments you wish to decline automatically. With Blocklists, you can manually add individual entries or upload a CSV file containing a batch of blocked users. Additionally, you can remove users from the blocklist automatically after a specified period. Payments from users are automatically declined if any of the following parameters match:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Card BIN
  • IP address


Yuno offers customizable velocity rules to efficiently identify and respond to suspicious behaviour patterns, such as a sudden surge in transaction volume within a short timeframe. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks associated with stolen cards or compromised accounts exploited by cybercriminals, for example.

With Yuno, you can customize protection rules to your specific needs. These rules continuously analyze transaction frequency and volume linked to individual accounts, allowing you to avoid potential threats. You can select from various rule types and combine them to target specific fraudulent behaviours precisely. Also, you can choose different parameters to count user actions and specify payment methods for monitoring.

Rule example

Block payments if the number of payments per user exceeds 5, with an amount greater than 50 USD per payment, within a 10-minute timeframe, at the account level in Colombia.

In addition to preventing fraudulent payments, Yuno's rules also help identify secure transactions. You can choose to bypass Fraudulent Screening or 3DS for verified payments automatically. However, exercising caution when configuring these rules is crucial, as improper settings can have significant consequences.

Using rules and lists

To configure and use Risk Conditions, follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to create your rules and Blocklists. Access Risk Conditions in the dashboard and select Blocklist to create or edit lists, or select Rules to create and edit velocity rules.
  2. Connect your account to the Risk Conditions connection. Navigate to Connections in the dashboard, search by Risk Conditions, and click Connect.
  3. Add the Risk Condition provider to the desired route(s). Access Routing in the dashboard, select a route and add the Risk Conditions to it.
  4. Add the Risk Condition to your route. You can add multiple Risk Conditions to your route, one for each condition. After adding the Risk Condition, you can select the blocklists and rules you want to use for that payment method.

Remove Rules and Blocklists

You can't delete Blocklists or Rules. Yuno uses this approach to ensure you'll have access to the history of affected payments. If you want to stop using a Rule or Blocklist, you only need to remove it from your routes.