Secure Fields

Secure Fields creates a seamless and secure checkout flow on your website or app. With a set of prebuilt UI components available for Web, Android, and iOS, Secure Fields simplifies the process of collecting and tokenizing sensitive payment details.

Streamlined payment process

  • Secure Fields provides prebuilt UI components for collecting client card information.
  • The optimized payment form includes fields with automatic formatting and validation as customers type.

Customization and branding

  • Secure Fields allows you to customize the UI to match your website or app's design.
  • Custom styling rules give you complete control over the visual appearance.
  • Maintaining a consistent visual identity reinforces your brand presence and provides a cohesive user interface.

Tailored checkout experience

  • You can choose which fields to present to customers, creating a tailored payment experience.
  • Incomplete fields and potential filling errors are highlighted to ensure efficient information submission.


The integration workflow for the secure fields implementation of the SDK is the same as in the Lite SDK implementation. The only difference is that instead of listing cards as another payment method option in a list, before generating the one_time_token, you should display the credit card form with the secure fields for the customer to insert the credit card data.

Payment Security

  • Secure Fields strictly adheres to PCI security standards, eliminating your need to handle sensitive data.
  • Payment details are tokenized, preventing card information from touching your server.
  • Tokenization protects against potential data breaches and ensures the security of customers' payment information.

Secure Fields and Yuno UI Components can elevate your checkout experience. Simplify payment collection, enhance security, and create a seamless process that delights your customers.

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For more detailed information on initiating Yuno's Secure Fields please refer to our step-by-step guide according to the intengration required, Payment or Enrollment.