What is a Payment?

A Payment is a primary entity that combines the depiction of a user's payment, regardless of the processors or payment approaches employed.

Payments gather all crucial details regarding the order, encompassing customer specifics, total sum, currency, products, shipping details, and more. You can refer to the Transactions page for a deeper insight into the order and payment exchanges.

Payment workflow

In the following workflow, you will discover the various possible payment statuses and their connections. A payment will always have a payment status. Yuno payments follow a standardized payment lifecycle, guaranteeing consistent functionality for all payment methods. Each payment will move through a sequence of statuses until it is completed. Below, you can find the explanation of the possible outcomes of a payment depending on its transaction statuses.

Refer to the Payments API reference section for more detailed information on status codes and messages.

Payments and transactions

As mentioned before, a payment consists of many transactions that determine its final outcome. If you enable different connections for your payment method route, such as fraud prevention, 3D secure, or provider fallbacks, you will see those transactions as part of the payment lifecycle.

On the Payments section in your Yuno dashboard, you will be able to see and export all the information regarding your payments and transactions with Yuno.

For more detailed information about how transactions impact on payment outcomes, please refer to the Transactions section.