With Yuno's SDK, you can securely capture payment method data on your site or app. A payment method token is a string that represents sensitive payment method credentials and customer data. By communicating directly with Yuno's PCI-L1 tokenization service, we gather sensitive customer data.

One-Time Use Token vs. Vaulted Token

Yuno uses two different concepts of tokens to process payments depending on the integration.

  • One-time Use Token: While using Yuno's SDK, we gather all the necessary information to process the payment and store it in a One Time Use Token, regardless of the customer's chosen payment method. You will use the token when creating the payment. Note that this token only works one time. You will need to generate a new one-time token for each checkout session created.
  • Vaulted Token: A Vaulted Token is created once a payment method is enrolled and stored with the customer information. You can use the created Vaulted Token to identify the payment method in future payments.

Yuno tokenization service and centralized vault enable you to handle recurring payments, fallbacks, and retries across processors without compromising UX.