SDK Customizations

Card form customization

With YunoConfig, you can customize the card form using the cardFormFields property. You can decide in which order the fields will be shown. An example is presented in the following code piece:

let cardFormFields: [YunoCardField] = [.holderName, 
    apiKey: apiKey,
    config: YunoConfig(cardFormFields: cardFormFields)


You can also customize the appearance of the SDK by setting up the appearance field.

let appearance = Yuno.Appearance(fontFamily: "Climate Crisis",
                                 accentColor: .orange, 
                                 buttonBackgroundColor: .yellow, 
                                 buttonTitleColor: .black, 
                                 buttonBorderColor: .black,
                                 secondaryButtonBackgroundColor: .yellow,
                                 secondaryButtonTitleColor: .black,
                                 secondaryButtonBorderColor: .black,
                                 disableButtonBackgroundColor: .gray,
                                 disableButtonTitleColor: .black)

    apiKey: apiKey,
    config: YunoConfig(appearance: appearance)