Lite SDK (Enrollment)

Step 1: Include the library in your project.

1.1. To add the Yuno SDK to your iOS project, you need to install the Yuno SDK. If you do not have a Podfile, follow the CocoaPods guide to create one. After creating the Podfile, you will integrate the Yuno SDK with Cocoapods by adding the line below to your Podfile.

pod 'YunoSDK', '~> 1.1.22'

1.2. After that, you need to run the installation:

pod install

  • You will also need to install the Swift Package Manager. With the Swift package set up, add YunoSDK as a dependency, as presented in the following code snippet;
dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", .upToNextMajor(from: "1.1.17"))

Step 2: Enroll a new payment method

Yuno's iOS SDK provides an enrollment feature for payment methods integrated into Yuno. To display a view controller with the flow for integrating a new payment method, call the method presented in the following code snippet:

protocol YunoEnrollmentDelegate: AnyObject {

    var customerSession: String { get }
    var countryCode: String { get }
    var language: String { get }
    func yunoEnrollmentResult(_ result: Yuno.Result)

class ViewController: YunoEnrollmentDelegate {

    @IBAction func startEnrollment(sender: Any) {
        Yuno.enrollPayment(with: self, showPaymentStatus: Bool)

The following table presents all the protocol requirements you have to provide and their descriptions.

customerSessionRefers to the current payment's customer session.
countryCodeThis parameter determines the country for which the payment process is being configured. It should be set to one of the following country codes: CO, BR, CL, PE, EC, UR, or MX.
languageDefines the language to be used in the payment forms. You can set it to one of the available language options: es (Spanish), en (English), or pt (Portuguese).
yunoEnrollmentResult(\_ result: Yuno.Result)This method is called when the enrollment process is completed, providing the result of the enrollment as a parameter of type Yuno.Result.

The ViewController class is defined as a subclass of UIViewController and also adopts the YunoEnrollmentDelegate protocol. It includes an @IBAction function called startEnrollment(sender: Any) which is triggered when a specific action, such as a button press, occurs in the user interface.

Complementary Features

Yuno iOS SDK provides additional services and configurations you can use to improve customers' experience. Use the SDK Customizations to change the SDK appearance to match your brand or to configure the loader.

  • Loader: Control the use of the loader.
  • You also can choose one of the render options for the card form. Below you find screenshots presenting the difference between the cardFormType ONE_STEP and STEP_BY_STEP.
Step by step
One step