Signifyd uses machine learning to detect e-commerce fraud using hundreds of data points, elastic linking, and behavior data.

General information

Connection page:

Signifyd webpage


More than 100 countries.



Payment methods:

Credit card



Connecting with Yuno

Mandatory fields when integrating via Yuno:, items.quantity, items.unit_price.

Integration configuration

Configuration of webhooks in partner:

  1. Open the Developer Tools and navigate to Teams.
  2. Locate the specific team you wish to set up webhooks for.
  3. Choose Settings and then select Webhooks.
  4. Provide the Webhook Address and choose the event type as Guarantees/Reviewed.
  5. Click Add to finalize the configuration.

Obtainment of credentials:

  1. Access the Developer Tools and log in to your account..
  2. Navigate to the Teams page.
  3. Locate the API Key for each team.

Dashboard configuration:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Connections and then select CyberSource.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Introduce Name, Organization ID, Secret, and Shared Secret.
  5. Click Connect