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This page presents all information related to the Rede connection using Cards as payment. Use the following buttons to navigate to the desired section.

Connecting with Yuno

Mandatory fields when integrating via Yuno:

No mandatory fields are required. However, the provider may request additional fields according to the merchant or to improve the approval rate.

General information





Payment methods:

Credit card
Credit card
debit card
Debit card
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Google Pay

Minimum amount:

Rede doesn't set a limit, the merchant can set it.

Maximum amount:

Rede doesn't set a limit, the merchant can set it.

TRX limit:

No limit.

Support of international BIN:


TRX without CVV:


Purchase TRX in 1-Step:


Purchase TRX in 2-Step:


Support for recurrency:



Yes, for cancellations. The notifications URL (callback) allows the data of a transaction to be returned via POST after processing the cancellations performed on D+1.


Partial capture:


Multiple captures:

Not supported.

Maximum time to capture an authorization:

Maximum period depends on the branch of the establishment.

Captures over the amount of authorization:



Refund support:


Partial refunds:


Multiple refunds:


Time to process refund:

If it is a sale reversed on the same day of capture, the deadline for releasing the limit on the card is up to 72 business hours, which may take longer according to the rules established between the customer's issuers. As for orders captured on D+1, the refund amount may return before the closing of the invoice or on the next invoice after cancellation.


Void support:


Void to authorization:


Void to refund:

In the Userede portal it is possible to cancel the "cancellation" within the 24 hours after it was requested. If you exceed this deadline, you can ask for the total reprocessing of the sale, for example, where a ticket can be opened to be processed again.


Capability to define the installments when creating the payment:


GET endpoint available for retrieving the permitted BIN for the installments:


Possibility to choose who will be responsable for the financiation of installments:


Deferral date availability:


Grace period:


Minimum number of Installments (#months):


Maximum number of Installments (#months):



Notifications of chargebacks:

Yes, rede notifies the establishment through the following channels: Registered e-mail and SMS, Telephone (for customers who have disputed sales in excess of R$ 1,000.00) and Portal, so that the unit can present its defense to the reversal analysis.

Defined period to make a chargeback:

The cardholder has a period of 120 days to contact the issuing bank claiming that he/she does not recognize the transaction. In case of disagreement (ex: product was delivered different from the advertisement or with defect) it is 120 days after delivery of the product/service.

Endpoint for disputes:


Maximum time to dispute a chargeback (provide evidence):

When a sale is disputed, the portal makes available to attach the defense documentation, a process number is generated and the delivery period is informed, which can vary between 10 to 15 days.


3DS v2:


Testing guidelines for sandbox environment

Necessary fields for testing:

Affiliation Number and Integration Key.

Test cards:

Flag Type Card Validity Security code
MasterCard Debit 5277696455399730 Jan/35 123
MasterCard Credit 5448280000000000 Jan/35 123
Mastercard (BIN 2) Debit 2223000148400010 Jan/35 123
Mastercard (BIN 2) Credit 2223020000000000 Jan/35 123
Visa Debit 4761120000000140 Jan/35 123
Visa Credit 4235647728025680 Jan/35 123
hypercard Credit 6062825624254000 Jan/35 123
Hyper Credit 6370950847866500 Jan/35 123
Diners Credit 36490101441625 Jan/35 123
JCB Credit 3569990012290930 Jan/35 123
JCB (19 dig) Credit 3572000100200140000 Jan/35 123
Credz Credit 6367600001405010 Jan/35 123
Link Credit 4389351648020050 Jan/35 123
amex Credit 371341553758128 Jan/35 1234
cabal Credit 6042034400069940 Jan/35 123
Sorocred Credit 6364142000000120 Jan/35 123
credit system Credit 6280281038975330 Jan/35 123
Banescard Credit 6031828795629270 Jan/35 123
Visa Credit 4895370010000000 Jan/35 123
Visa Debit 4824810010000000 Jan/35 123
Mastercard (BIN 2) Credit 2223000250000000 Jan/35 123
Mastercard (BIN 2) Debit 5204970000000000 Jan/35 123

Limitations/Specifications for testing:

  • If a transaction is submitted using a card that differs from the ones provided, the sandbox will generate an error with code 58: "Unauthorized. Contact issuer."
  • To simulate error codes, you can easily replicate them by sending transactions with the corresponding values associated with each error code.

Integration configuration

Credentials and steps to obtain them:

  1. Log in to Rede dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Sell, E-Commerce and Integration key.
  3. Get your keys.

Dashboard configuration:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Connections and then select Rede.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Introduce Name,Affiliation Number, and Integration Key.
  5. Click Connect

Configuration of webhooks in partner:

The notifications URL (callback) enables the retrieval of transaction data through a POST request following the processing of cancellations performed on D+1. You can provide the URL either directly in the API or by accessing the Rede portal at: para vender > e-commerce > notificação automática. It is important to note that if the URL is provided in both channels, the API-informed URL will always take priority for sending notifications.

Production environment

Specific procedure for a merchant to go live:

Contact your TAM, send requested evidences and generate a token in Rede's portal.

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