Nupay - Wallet

This page presents all information related to the Nupay connection using NuPay Wallet as payment. Use the following buttons to navigate to the desired section.

Connecting with Yuno

Mandatory fields when integrating via Yuno:


General information





Minimum amount:


Maximum amount:

The limit of the amount for purchases through NuPay for Business is equal to the account balance that the end customer of the partner store has with the Financial Institution chosen at the time of purchase.

TRX without CVV:


Purchase TRX in 1-Step:


Support for recurrency:





Refund support:


Partial refunds:


Multiple refunds:


Time to request refund:

A refund can be sent at any moment, there is no maximum deadline.

Time to process refund:

If there are sufficient funds in the merchant account, the refund will be done instantly.


Void support:


Void to refund:



Conditions or restrictions:

For the installment plan with interest:
  • The fee for the merchant is fixed at the same value as the maximum interest-free fee.
  • The minimum number of interest-free installments is the same as that offered by the Credit Card.
  • Settlement always on D+1.
  • No additional implementation effort.
  • Interest rate customized to the customer's profile.

Minimum number of installments:


Maximum number of installments :

The NuPay payment method allows the buyer to pay in up to 24 installments without interest. However, each store that offers the solution is free to limit the number of installments, in other words, the store can offer a number of installments below the maximum limit.

With the installment plan with interest the customer will have to use the extra limit generated through NuPay and will be able to pay in installments up to 24 times with interest charges. This way the customer has the possibility to receive additional limits far beyond what is possible with a credit card, besides the debit option having zero cost for those who sell.


NuPay does not have chargebacks for fraud since the payment process occurs inside Nu's app, and the whole security is their responsibility. If the customer contacts Nu regarding commercial disagreements, we incentivize them to solve it directly with the store.

Testing guidelines for sandbox environment

Necessary fields for testing:

API key and API Token.

Limitations/Specifications for testing:

As the system processes requests asynchronously, all valid payment requests return the status PROCESSING.

In the sandbox environment, the order list gets an extra column called Simulation.

When the payment request is in WAITING_PAYMENT_METHOD status, an Approve button appears to simulate payment via QRCode reading, accessing AppLink or by Pix Copia e Cola.

Test steps

To make a payment using NuPay Wallet, you should follow the steps:

  1. Create Customer
  2. Create Checkout Session
  3. Create One Time Token / Get the token from SDK
  4. Create Payment

The Create Payment response provides a redirect URL (payment_method.payment_method_detail.bank_transfer.redirect_url), redirecting the user to a NuBank page that provides a QR code to complete the payment:

After creating the order, you must complete and test the payment and access the NuPay sandbox dashboard with your Nubank credentials. Once logged in, you can approve the transaction in the 'Activities' section:

After approving the payment, its status will change to "completo" on the NuPay sandbox dashboard. You can check the payment status using the Retrieve Payment by ID. If the payment were approved, the Retrieve Payment by ID response would provide the status SUCCEEDED, and sub_status APPROVED.

Integration configuration

Credentials and steps to obtain them:

These credentials will be provided during the onboarding process, once both parties are able to initiate integration and must be sent on all requests. Credentials are specific for each checkout environment.

Dashboard configuration:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Connections and then select NuPay.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Introduce Name, Token and Key.
  5. Click Connect

Configuration of webhooks in partner:

Through the field callbackUrl during the creation of the order or refund.

Production environment

Specific procedure for a merchant to go live:

Nu has a tactical documentation that brings some scenarios that must be validated before going Live and also a test period where Nu's internal team helps to cover those scenarios to guarantee that everything works fine.