dLocal - Khipu

This page presents all information related to the dLocal connection using Bank Transfer as payment. Use the following buttons to navigate to the desired section.

Connecting with Yuno

Mandatory fields when integrating via Yuno:

document type

General information





Payment methods:

Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer

Minimum amount:

2000 CLP

Type of integration:


Testing guidelines for sandbox environment

Necessary fields for testing:

  • X-Login: API key necessary to authenticate your request.
  • X-Trans-Key: API key necessary to authenticate your request.
  • Secret key: Use for the creation of the Authorization.

Integration configuration

Credentials and steps to obtain them:

There are two types of credentials: Sandbox credentials and Production Credentials. You can get both from your same account in the Merchant Dashboard. You just have to change between the Test and the Live modes by pressing the toggle at the top bar and then find the corresponding credentials in Settings > Integration.

Dashboard configuration:

  1. Log in to dashboard.y.uno.
  2. Click Connections and then select dLocal.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Introduce Name,X-Login, X-Trans-Key and Secret Key.
  5. Click Connect

Production environment

Specific procedure for a merchant to go live:

Yes, there is a flow, channels, SLA, Data Entry required to make the integration.