aCuotaz - BNPL

This page presents all information about the aCuotaz connection using Buy Now, Pay Later as payment. Use the following buttons to navigate to the desired section.

Connecting with Yuno

Mandatory fields when integrating via Yuno:


General information





Minimum amount:

S/ 100

Maximum amount:

S/ 5,000
*Subject to credit performance.

TRX Limit:

1 transaction simultaneously per user.

Purchase TRX:

aCuotaz pays the merchant the full amount in advance.

Support for recurrency:





Refund Support:



Cancelation support:




Refering to the installments the shopper pays to aCuotaz.

Capability to define the installments when creating the payment:

No, you will POST all the information required to create the order, then you will receive a URL to redirect your customer to aCuotaz where he will select the number of installments for his loan.

Minimum number of installments (#months):

2 (biweekly).

Maximum number of installments (#months):

8 (biweekly).


Notifications of chargebacks:



Address verification service:

Payments are made through Mercado Pago.

Support for 0Auth:

Payments are made through Mercado Pago.

E3DS v2:

Payments are made through Mercado Pago.

Testing guidelines for sandbox environment

Necessary fields for testing:

Test Client ID and a Secret Token.

Test cards/bank transfer:

Testing credit card payment:
Plain name Any name
Card no 4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiration date 04/2023
CVV 123
Address Any address

Testing bank transfer payment:
Plain image Any image
Bank Any bank
Operation number 1234567
Payment amount Amount
Payment date Today
Payment type Pago couta completa
*It only works in test ecommerces.

Limitations/ Specifications for testing:

Testing DNIs(Peruvian ID):
P14159265 It is always approved (pi decimals)
71828182 It is always rejected (e decimals)
61803398 It is always cannot be evaluated (phi decimals)
CVV 123
Address Any address

Testing email and phone tokens:
E-mail 1234
*All objects created using test credentials will be removed the next day at 5:00 a.m. PET.

Testing steps

In order to test making a payment using Acuotaz, you should complete the following steps:

  1. Create Customer
  2. Create Checkout Session
  3. Create One Time Token / Get the token from SDK
  4. Create Payment

The Create Payment response provides a redirect URL (transactions.provider_data.raw_response.redirect_to), so the user can complete the payment in the Acuotaz platform. The Acuotaz service provides the option to the user select the payment installments before completing the payment, as shown in the following image:

For testing a Payment in Acuotaz, there are two approaches you can use: testing credit card payment or testing bank transfer payment.

Testing credit card payment

If you need to make a payment with the test credentials for the card, you can use the following info:

NameAny name
Card no4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiration date04/2023
AddressAny address

Testing bank transfer payment

If you need to make a payment by bank transfer, you can use the following info:

ImageAny image
BankAny bank
Operation number1234567
Payment AmountAmount
Payment DateToday
Payment TypeFull installment payment

Integration configuration

Credentials and steps to obtain them:

Credentials are obtained by requesting them to the aCuotaz team, email your aCuotaz TAM.

Dashboard configuration:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Connections and then select aCoutaz.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Introduce Name, Client ID and Secret Token.
  5. Click Connect.

Configuration of webhooks in partner:

You can choose the URL you want, but you must communicate it to the aCuotaz team. Your webhook’s URL must follow this format:

Production environment

Specific procedure for a merchant to go live:

Yes, the onboarding is made by scale and category. There is an implementation process that includes cross marketing.