Postman Collections

Postman is an API platform to help developers design and test APIs. Postman is an alternative to run Yuno API requests using You can download Postman here for Linux, Windows, or Mac or use it through your web browser.

Here, you find how to import the Yuno Collection and Environment. All endpoints on the API Reference are available on the Postman collection provided so that you can test Yuno services on your machine.

Postman collection

If you know how to use Postman, you can access the Yuno API collection here.

Step 1: Fork the Yuno Postman collection

Before testing the endpoints, you need to fork the Yuno collection to your Postman account.

  1. Access the Yuno Postman collection.
  2. Select the following Run in Postman button.
  3. Select if you want to run Postman on your Browser or using the Postman app.
  4. Sign up or log in to a Postman account.
  5. Select a workspace to import the collection and environment into.

Collections and environment

The collections provided configured endpoint requests.

The enviroments provide a list of variables used by the endpoints. Instead of defining values for each parameter each time you perform a request, you can use the enviroment variables.

Step 2: Configure the environment variables

Before start testing the endpoint, you need to configure the environment variables. Otherwise, the requests will fail.

  1. Access Environments on the left panel.
  1. Select the Yuno Sbx - Postman environment provided by yuno.
  1. Update the variable's values. To start testing, you need to update at least the api-key, secret-key, and account-code.

  2. Define Yuno Sbx - Postman as the environment using the No Environment selector at the top right corner.

The Yuno Sbx - Postman environment has an extensive list of variables used on all requests inside the collection. You can define their values as you try new endpoints.

Step 3: Run in Postman

After selecting the environment and defining the variable values, you can start testing the endpoint.

  1. Select the Yuno - Collection on the Collections tab.
  2. Choose an endpoint.
  1. Provide the necessary values to the parameters available on the Headers and Body tabs.
  1. Use the Send button to perform the request to Yuno's server.

Postman variables

In the Yuno Collection, various parameters are considered as variables. These values can be defined in the environment or upon receiving a response from the server. Postman variables aid in testing different endpoints in a sequence as the values received fill in the body parameters for the subsequent request.