The Ultimate Checkout

A fully unified checkout experience with low code

Payments can now be a premium service for your company. Yuno's Ultimate Checkout is a user-friendly, no-code UI optimized for web and mobile devices, taking user experience to the highest level.


Responsive UX that presents the payment methods you choose, along with 3DS and checkout modules.


Customizable UI that enables an outstanding user experience.


PCI Level 1 compliant with a centralized vault for recurring payments.

How it works

With Yuno's Ultimate Checkout, you can easily process "One-shot" payments or capture your clients' payment method information for future purchases and offer a seamless one-click experience.


Yuno offers two types of Ultimate Checkout SDK implementation, so you can choose the one that best fits your company's business needs.


The full version of the Yuno SDK will render the payment methods your company has available both in the checkout and in the user profile to enroll with your platform.


This version allows merchants to consult a service that provides a list of the payment methods available both for payment and enrollment. With this information, merchants have control of what payment methods they want to show the user in the checkout and enroll to their platform.

Payment method tokenization

By communicating directly with Yuno's PCI-L1 tokenization service, the Ultimate Checkout saves sensitive customer data into a secure token calledpayment_method_token. This process not only works for customers' credit card data but also for wallet payment experiences, such as MercadoPago, Paypal, and others.

With the payment_method_token you can offer your customer a fast checkout experience, handle retries and fallbacks, as well as accept recurring payments in the future.


We added certain features to Yuno's SDKs so you have more control over the payment workflow while still using our UI/UX. These customizations can help adapt the SDK to your business model's special needs. While initializing the SDK in your site/apps you can use the following:

  • Language: Can be es (Español), en (English) or pt (Portuguese). If not defined, then browser language is selected as default.
  • ShowLoading: If you'd like to show a loading page to your customer while a server call is made.
  • Render mode: Way of rendering the sdk. Type can be one of themodal or element
  • Card form: You can choose to render the credit card form as extends (show a single credit card form) or step (shows a step-by-step form to introduce credit card data)
  • Card save enabled: You can allow your customers to save their cards for future purchases (enroll) while enabling this feature. Once the payment is succeeded, and the "save card" flag is selected by the customer, the payment method will be stored for future purchases.
  • Payment method by default: While mounting Yuno's SDK you can define a payment method by default for when it opens.

You can find more info about these features in each of the SDK repositories: