This page serves as a comprehensive reference for tracking and managing payout transactions on Yuno. provides an overview of the payout process on Yuno, along with a detailed workflow and corresponding status information. Each status represents a specific stage in the payout process, from creation to completion or cancellation. You can always refer to the transaction details for more details about the order and the payment interactions.


For every implementation, we recommend taking the payout status and sub_status as the main reference for the payout's state. A payout could have different transactions associated with it. Therefore, by focusing on the payout status/sub_status, you can have the latest state regardless of how many transactions were made, giving you a clear input for decision making.

Every status/sub_status is related to one transaction status. Each transaction status describes one of the possible states of a payout. The image below presents the payout state machine.

Payout status

The following table presents all status and sub_status you will find when handling payouts with the Yuno system. In addition, you will find the relation of status/sub_status with the transaction status of the payout process.

Status Substatus Transaction type Transaction status Description
CREATED CREATED Initial state when a payout is created. It is an internal state.
CREATED PAYOUT RECEIVED Initial state when a payout is successfully created in Yuno.
PENDING PENDING_PROVIDER_CONFIRMATION PAYOUT DELIVERED The payout has been delivered to the provider and is being analyzed.
AUTHORIZED PAYOUT ON_HOLD The payout has been delivered to the provider, authorized, and is awaiting final confirmation for release.
SUCCEEDED APPROVED PAYOUT SUCCEEDED The payout was successfully completed.
REJECTED REJECTED PAYOUT REJECTED Payout rejected by Yuno. Please review the request fields.
DECLINED DECLINED PAYOUT DECLINED The provider declined the payout.
CANCELED PENDING_PROVIDER_CONFIRMATION CANCEL PENDING The cancellation request has been sent to the provider and is awaiting confirmation.
CANCELED PAYOUT CANCELED The payout has been canceled.