Payments have all the essential information about the order, including customer information, amount, currency, items, shipping info, etc. You can always refer to the transaction details for more details about the order and the payment interactions.


In the following workflow, you can find the different payment statuses and how they can be updated.

For every implementation, we recommend taking the payment status and sub_status as the main reference for the payment's state. A payment could have different transactions associated with it. By focusing on the payment status/sub_status, you can have the latest state regardless of how many transactions were made, giving you clear inputs for decision-making.

Payments status

The payments can have the following status and sub status.

Status Substatus Transaction type Transaction status Description
CREATED CREATED Initial state at the time of creating a payment.
READY_TO_PAY CREATED Purchase Created Initial state at the time of creating a payment.Waiting for customer action
READY_TO_PAY Initial state at the time of creating a payment.Waiting for customer action
PENDING AUTHORIZED Authorize Succeeded Card authorizations
IN_PROCESS Purchase Created The client has been redirected to the provider and we are waiting for the completion of the payment.
WAITING_ADDITIONAL_STEP Purchase Pending 3DS/Second factor
PENDING_PROVIDER_CONFIRMATION Purchase Pending Wating for providers payment confirmation.
PENDING_FRAUD_REVIEW Fraud Pending Transaction is being analyzed by fraud provider
VERIFIED VERIFIED Verify Succeeded Zero amount card authorizations
EXPIRED EXPIRED Purchase Expired The offline payment method reaches its expiration date.
Authorize Expired
Authorization expires
REJECTED REJECTED Purchase Rejected Rejected by Yuno
Capture Error Capture rejection by Yuno
DECLINED DECLINED Purchase Declined Providers rejection
Capture Declined Providers capture rejection
FRAUD_DECLINED Fraud screening Declined Declined fraud screening
SUCCEEDED PARTIALLY_APPROVED Purchase Succeeded Partial payment (payment with 2 cards)
APPROVED Purchase Succeeded Successful payment
CAPTURED Capture Succeeded Successful capture
PARTIALLY_CAPTURED Capture Succeeded Successful partial capture
Refund Error/Declined Remains approved due to error in refund / cancellation
Chargeback Error/Declined Remains approved due to rejection in chargeback
Chargeback Won Review Won
PARTIALLY_REFUNDED Refund Succeeded Successful partial refund
PARTIALLY_CHARGEBACKED Chargeback Succeeded Successful partial chargeback
FRAUD_DECLINED Fraud screening Declined Declined fraud screening post payment authorization. Only enable if no action is set in the payment method route after the fraud screening validation post authorization.
REFUNDED Refund Succeeded Successful refund
CANCELED Cancel Succeeded Successful cancelation
IN_DISPUTE RECEIVED Chargeback Created Chargeback or Inquiry received. Decision or documentation must be provided
PENDING_REVIEW Chargeback Pending In_review
CHARGEBACK LOST Chargeback Lost Expired/Closed/Review_lost
ERROR ERROR Example: timeout.
FRAUD FRAUD_VERIFIED Fraud Succeeded Transaction verified by fraud provider during stand alone fraud verification