Enable Live Mode

When you move your Yuno account from test mode (Sandbox) to live mode, you will put your payment system into production, making it possible to process real transactions.


Before enabling live mode, it is essential you have accomplished some steps in the Yuno integration process. Consult this checklist to guarantee a smooth transition while getting ready to go live with your integration.

1. Dashboard

You have access to your credentials.
All payment, acquirers, and fraud prevention solutions you will use are connected.
You have created routes to define how each payment will be processed.
The checkout was configured using the checkout builder, and the desired payment methods are available.

2. Integration

You have chosen one of the available integration methods (Full Checkout, Lite Checkout, Secure Fields, Direct Flow, or Plugins).
The Yuno system was integrated with your system using the chosen method.

3. Tests

After the integration, you have successfully performed tests to:

Create payments.
Authorize and capture payments.
Cancel payments.
Refund payments.
Build and receive reports.
Handle all the possible error scenarios.

4. Notifications

You have successfully configured webhooks to receive notification in real-time.

Going live

Once you have access to your credentials, configured payment connections, and successfully tested all functionalities in sandbox environment, you are ready to enable live mode.

Enable live mode

  1. First, you must activate your account by clicking on Activate account in the Yuno Merchant Dashboard.



The account activation process requires you to provide some profile information and may take 2-4 weeks. In case of any problems, please get in touch with Yuno support. Meanwhile, you can continue using the sandbox environment for testing.

  1. After starting the activation process, your Dashboard status will change to Verifying account status.
  1. Once activation is completed, Yuno will contact you, and you will have access to your Production environment credentials. Thus, you can switch to the Production environment through your Merchant Dashboard: