Yuno gives customers the possibility to enroll a payment method in order to use it for future purchases and have a seamless payment experience. That payment method enrollment can be used either in our Full or Lite payment implementation and could have one of the following statuses.


Payment method status

StatusTransaction TypeDescription
CREATEDEnrollmentInitial state at the time of creating a payment method.
EXPIREDEnrollmentThe payment method has been expired.
REJECTEDEnrollmentYuno has rejected the payment method enrollment.
READY_TO_ENROLLEnrollmentThe payment method is available for enrollment.
DECLINEDEnrollmentThe payment method has been declined.
CANCELEDEnrollmentThe payment method has been canceled.
ENROLL_IN_PROCESSEnrollmentThe payment method enrollment is being processed.
ENROLLEDEnrollmentThe enrollment of the payment method has been successful.
UNENROLL_IN_PROCESSEnrollmentThe payment method unenrollment is being processed.
UNENROLLEDEnrollmentThe payment method has been unenrolled.