The Customer Session Object


This object represents a customer session that can be created in order to enroll a customer's payment methods.

customer_session string
The customer session that has been created for the enrollment (MAX 64 ; MIN 36).
Example: fe50d39a-5a1c-11ed-9b6a-0242ac120002

customer_id string
The unique identifier of the customer (MAX 64 ; MIN 36).
Example: 3956053c-5a1d-11ed-9b6a-0242ac120002

country enum
The customer's country (MAX 2; MIN 2; ISO 3166-1).
Possible enum values: Check the Country reference.

callback_url string
The URL to redirect your customer after the enrollment is made in the provider´s environment (MAX 526; MIN 3).

created_at timestamp
Customer Session creation date and time (MAX 27; MIN 27; ISO 8601).
Example: 2022-05-09T20:46:54.786342Z