API Updates

Stay up to date with Yuno API changes and updates.

At Yuno, we make sure that all updates we make to our APIs are compatible with both the current version and previous versions.

When a disruptive modification is implemented to the Yuno API, a new version is released. To avoid any issues with your code, we do not require a version change until you are ready to proceed with the upgrade.

Backwards compatible changes

We consider the following modifications to maintain backward compatibility:

  • Add new resources to the API.
  • Add new optional request parameters to existing API methods.
  • Add new properties to existing API responses.
  • Modify the order of properties in existing API responses.
  • Alter the length or format of opaque strings, such as object identifiers, error messages, and other human-readable strings. This includes adding or removing prefixes.
  • Introduce new types of events. Make sure your webhook receiving service supports unknown event types.