Purposes list

On this page, you will find the purposes list available on the Yuno system. The purpose information is used to identify the reason for the payout. The below table provides all ENUM accepted for the payout purpose.

Purpose availableDescription
FAMILY_AND_FRIENDSFamily and friend maintenance/transfer.
PERSONAL_TRANSFERPersonal transfer
PROVIDER_SERVICESPayout for provider general services.
ADVERTISING_SERVICESPayout for provider advertising services.
REPRESENTATION_SERVICESPayout for provider representation services.
ADVISORY_SERVICESPayout for provider advisory services.
FREELANCER_SERVICESPayout for provider freelancer services.
SUPPLIERSupplier payments.
BUSINESS_TO_BUSINESSBusiness to Business.
MARKETPLACEPayout for marketplace purchases.
PAYROLLPayout for payroll payment services.
GIFTS_AND_BENEFITSPayout for gift and benefits.
EXPENSESPayout for provider general expenses.
CORPORATE_PAYMENTPayout for corporate payments.
PURCHASE_OF_PHYSICAL_GOODSPayout for purchase of physical goods.
PURCHASE_OF_DIGITAL_GOODSPayout for purchase of digital goods.
PURCHASE_OF_SERVICESPayout for purchase of general services.
CAPITAL_CONTRIBUTIONPayout for capital contribution.
INVESTMENTSPayout of an investment owed to a financial entity.
INVESTMENTS_SHARESPayout of investment shares.
TAXESPayment of taxes.
LOGISTICS_AND_TRANSPORTATIONPayout for logistics and transportation services.
DELIVERYPayout for delivery services.
AFFILIATION_PROGRAMAffiliation programs.
LOANSPayout for loans settlement.
REAL_STATEPayout for real state purchase and general expenses.
RENTPayment of a property rental.
TRAVEL_FLIGHTSPayment of travel tickets or tourism agencies.
TRAVEL_ACCOMMODATIONSPayment of travel accommodations.
EDUCATIONPayout for education costs.
TRAININGSPayout for training costs.
TUITION_COSTSPayout for study/tuition costs.
CHARITYPayout for charity donations.
MEDICAL_SERVICESPayout for medical care services.
SAVINGSPayout for savings.
RETIREMENTPayout for retirement account.
PENSIONPayout for pension purposes.
INSURANCEPayment of Insurances.
REWARDSPayout for rewards purposes.
TRADEMARKS_AND_COPYRIGHTPayout for trademark and copyright rewards.
ENTERTAINMENTPayout for entertainment services.
GOVERNMENTPublic/government services.
OTHERSOther payout purposes.